Girls Hockey

WYH supports our female players and wants to fuel growth!

According to USA Hockey, “…girls hockey is among the fastest-growing youth sports in the United States.” More girls and women are participating in ice hockey than ever before!  


 For the 2024-2025 season, Wausau, Mosinee and Everest have agreed to implement a modified format for girls hockey. The three organizations have come together to demonstrate a shared commitment to the growth and development of girls hockey. By approaching this with an open and collaborative mindset, we are prioritizing the best interests of the girls and the game of hockey.


Highlighted Changes:


  • Wausau will be hosting the U10 and U12 girls levels, while Everest will host the U14 level. 
  • These teams will be known as "Storm" whether they are the Wausau Storm or Everest Storm
  • This will no longer be a Cooperative (Coop) program.
  • Players will register with the respective association (Wausau or Everest) and abide by their guidelines and rules.
  • Jerseys: Will be purchased and included in the registration fees, featuring the "Storm" branding without the home associations' names.(IE: Wausau/Everest) All levels will have the same design, allowing for multi-year usage.
  • Registration Fees: If you register with an association that is not your home association, you will need to pay the registration fees of the association you are registering with, not your home association's fees.
  • Financial Assistance: If you are unable to afford the registration fees of the association you are registering with, you can apply for financial assistance through that particular association.
  • Multi-child Discounts: The multi-child discounts offered by your home association will not apply when registering with the girls Storm hockey association. It will be up to your home association to determine if they can provide any rate decreases.
  • Volunteer Requirements (Dibs): You will need to fulfill the volunteer requirements (Dibs) of the association you are registering with. You can buy out of the Dibs if that option is available, and the cost will be determined by the association. You cannot fulfill the Dibs at your home association if you are registered with a different association for girls Storm hockey.
  • Coaching: The coaches for the girls Storm hockey teams will need to be part of the hosting association, but the specific requirements are still to be determined.
  • Skills and Drills: If you are a Wausau resident registering with Everest for U14, you will still be able to attend the skills and drills sessions held at Wausau. Similarly, girls registered with Wausau for U10 and U12 will be invited to participate in the skills and drills sessions.
  • Registration with the organizations will open on July 1st, 2024 and close on August 14th for all three organizations 10U-14U levels. Skaters need to declare by 11:59pm on August 14th if they are playing coed or girls hockey.


Potential Questions and Answers: 


Q: How long have the associations agreed to do this?

A: We have agreed to try this for the 2024-2025 season and then reevaluate at the end of the year. It is understood that if an association has enough skaters to form a team they will be hosting the team per WAHA rules.


Q: Why is this no longer a Coop program?

A: The Storm Committee that previously managed the Coop program has disbanded after last year. By assigning specific age levels to each association, it simplifies the logistics of managing ice time, schedules, and the application process for a Coop.


Q: Why do I have to register with a specific association?

A: Registering with the respective association (Wausau or Everest) will allow players to be part of that organization for the season, paying the required registration fees and following the association's guidelines and rules.


Q: Will the jerseys have the same design across all age levels?

A: Yes, the jerseys will have the same design across the U10, U12, and U14 levels, allowing for multi-year usage.


Q: Will there be any challenges or "bumps on the road" with this new approach?

A: There will be some challenges as we transition to this new structure, but our end goal is to continue growing the sport of girls hockey. We are committed to working together to address any issues that arise.


Q: Will there be a girls hockey meeting?

A: Yes, that is the plan. Jana Wimmer is working on a time families can meet and work through questions and details. More information on that date will come soon.


Please be patient and have an open mind, the goal of the three associations is to provide a stable, unified and streamlined girls hockey experience. We understand there may be some challenges, but we are committed to working together to ensure the continued growth and development of girls hockey in the region.

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