Wausau Youth Hockey is an all-volunteer not for profit organization. The hockey club fully depends on its members to contribute time, effort and resources necessary to provide high quality hockey programming at all age levels. The time, talent and energy that each family contributes to Wausau Youth Hockey offsets the cost of playing hockey. The goal of the volunteer policy is to distribute the enormous workload amongst all families.

The involvement of our Wausau Youth Hockey families is what makes us a successful organization and provides the opportunity for development of hockey skills and life skills for our skaters. What used to be DIBS is now converted to volunteer hours. Four hours is equal to one DIB in prior years.

Wausau Youth Hockey must facilitate the concession stand per the contract with Marathon County. Please understand, it is not the organizations intention to be mean, but we must fulfill our contract with the county. 



A 4-hour volunteer shift working a WYH affiliated event. Some examples include Concession Stand and Try Hockey for Free Event.


Each family is responsible to complete a certain number of DIBS hours based upon the number of skaters that they have. Here is how Volunteering Hours/DIBS is assigned per level for the first skater in the family.

  1. Mini-Mite - 0 Hours/0 Dibs
  2. Mites - 16 Hours/4 DIBS.
  3. Additional Mite is 16 hours / 4 DIBS.
  4. Squirt, PeeWee or Bantam - 24 Hours/6 DIBS
  5. Additional Mite - U14 skater is assigned 8 Hours/2 DIBS per skater.

It is maximum of 40 Hour/10 DIBS per family.

DIBS modification is a manual process and will not reflect immediately at registration.

DIB Hours Exempt

WYH Board Members

Dibs Coordinator

Practice Scheduler

Game Scheduler


6 Dibs (24 hours)

Head Coach (Squirt – Ban)

Mite Coordinator


5 Dibs (20 hours)

Assistant Coach (Squirt – Ban) – Max of 2 per team

Referee Scheduler (or can be a paid position)


4 Dibs (16 hours)

Concession Stand Manager

Concession Stand Buyer

Concession Stand Cleaner

Mini Mite Coordinator

Mini Mite Off Ice Coordinator

Try Hockey Coordinator


Ace Coordinator


3 Dibs (12 hours)

Tournament Director

Team Manager (Squirts-Ban)



2 Dibs (8 hours)

Mite Coaches

Fundraising Committee Member

Retention and Recruitment Member

Hockey Committee

Girls Hockey Committee


1 Dib (4 hours)

Mite Team Manager

Concession Stand Shift **Must be 16 years of age or older to work in the concession stand**

Special Fundraising events

Photography Coordinator



DIBS Buy Out

If do not want to fulfill your volunteer hours there is also a buyout option. You must buy all out of your required dibs at the cost of $100 / shift. The buy-out will need to be paid via check or online by November 1, 2024. 





1. Attempt to contact the individual responsible for concession stand duty. Occasionally they are running late or may have forgotten. Check concession stand schedule for assigned workers.

2. If the individual cannot be reached or cannot come in, start calling people from the paid substitute list to cover the shift.

3. If you have to hire a replacement worker or ask a family member to assist you. Pay the substitute $40.00 from the cash drawer. Leave a note in the register documenting name of the absent worker, date & shift missed and which replacement worker was paid. This note should go in the deposit bag at the end of the shift.

4. Leave a note in the Sign in Manual documenting the name, time, and circumstances.




1. First offense - $60.00

2. Second offense - $120.00

3. Third offense - $180.00


Individuals will be contacted via email following the missed DIBS. Fines must be paid and the missed shift rescheduled within 10 days of the missed shift. If not paid by this time the coaches will be notified to withhold any further ice time until the fine is paid.


These requirements are subject to change and will be reviewed annually by WYH Board.


We are requiring that families have half their DIBS signed up for or completed by November 10, 2024, after teams are selected. All DIBS must be signed up for by January 10, 2025. 

Failure to sign up prior, will lead to your skater(s) not able to be on the ice.   

If for any reason, DIBS are not completed in the current season, the remaining balance will be carried over into the next season. This includes fines not paid in prior season and may lead to your skater(s) being unable to practice or play games until paid.


If you have questions about DIB sign up please reach out to Loni Drake (lonidrake@hotmail.com)


Thank you!   Go Warjacks!  Go Storm!  Let’s make this a great season! 

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