Wausau Jersey Policy

Wausau Hockey is excited to announce our Annual Jersey Policy.

Starting this year, skaters will be asked at registration to provide five jersey numbers in order of preference. One week after registration has ended you will be notified on what number you skater was assigned.

The following jersey numbers are reserved for goalies: 1, 30, 35. Goalies can select other numbers, if available; no player may select any of the goalie-only numbers. Jersey numbers 0, 00, and 69 will not be made available.

Jersey numbers will be assigned based on three primary factors: the time your registration is completed, seniority, and the availability of the number.

What is included in Wausau Hockey Jersey Program?

The Wausau Jersey program is a two year program. Included in the program is a home and away jersey and one pair of game socks to be worn with both jerseys. The skaters second year in the program will provide them one additional set of socks.

What does it cost?

Wausau Youth Hockey is excited to help fund the majority of the program. The only cost to our skaters will be an annual $25 increase in registration.

What if I need a new jersey before the 2 years are up?

If a new jersey is needed before the 2 seasons are over, there is a $90 fee that the skater's family will be responsible for to cover the cost of new jerseys.

Who picks the design?

You do! After registration opens look for e-mails regarding how to vote for your favorite mock up jersey. All mockups will proudly display our organizations name! Voting will go until August 5th.

Are coed and girls hockey jerseys different?

No. The layout, colors and design of the jersey will be the same.

What numbers are available?

Once a jersey number is assigned, that number will be off limits to players in the birth year on either side of the assigned player. For example, if a player born in 2012 is assigned jersey #10, no player born in 2011 or 2013 will be allowed to wear #10. This is ensures that players can keep their number for multiple seasons, without risking a conflict from year to year.

In the unlikely event that all numbers on your wish list are unavailable, we will contact you to submit additional backup choices.

Changing numbers between seasons will be considered.

Players are welcome to keep their numbers from season to season as you will have rights to that number. You may change your number but you will be required pay the entire amount for your new jerseys.

Are we allowed to purchase a second sock color?

This is allowed on a team-by-team basis. It must be agreed upon and purchased or donated for the entire team. The second sock color must match the jersey and be the same model as the original sock. If you -wish to do this you can reach out directly to our Equipment Director, Rob Wegmueller.

What if I would like to purchase jerseys or socks during the season?

Socks will be part of our online store all season long and we will have a handful on hand to purchase from the concession stand. If you wish to purchase jerseys, you can reach out directly to our Equipment Director, Rob Wegmueller.

What numbers can I choose from?

We allow all numbers except for 0,00 and 69.

Can I use a first name or nickname on the back?

No, only last names or first initial last names are allowed.

Can we use the jerseys a second year?

Yes! The original program is in effect for two years at which time we may change the design or continue on with the current.

Are jerseys different based on age level?

No, jerseys are uniform for all Squirt through Bantam levels.

Will I get a discount with multiple kids in the program?

We have worked with our vendor to make the uniform cost as affordable as possible, therefore we cannot offer additional discounts for those with multiple kids in the program at this time.

Can I purchase the jerseys or socks individually or do I have to purchase everything as a set?

The jerseys are meant to be used for two years. You will get a new pair of socks each year. If you need a new jersey or socks apart from what is provided you are responsible for the cost. For the 2024-2025 season, the cost is $90.

Will the style of jersey change at any point and then I will need to buy new ones even if the old one would still fit my child?

Our jersey policy is for two years. After the second year we will decide if we are keeping or changing the design. We want the skaters to have input on their design and be proud of representing Wausau Youth Hockey. Also, there is a high probability of needing to size up after two years making it a good time to reset.

How do I know what size to order?

From July 22nd to August 10th we will have jersey’s and socks available to try on at Fully Promoted. If you need to change your size from when you registered, you will need to complete it by August 15th

Fully Promoted is located at 607 S 24th Ave #12, Wausau, WI 54401 and is open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. 

Are teams allowed to purchase a 3rd Alternative jersey?

No. We are one as an association and want to have a uniform appearance.

Lingering ?'s or Confused?

We probably are too. We will get through it together. Contact Either.

Seth Sierk: 715-571-3898 or JJ Deffner: 715-297-7946

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