9000 Shot Club

Summer 2024

The 9000 shot club is back for Summer 2024!!!

WYH is encouraging all players to participate in the 9,000 Shots Club challenge, with the goal of our hockey players developing great shooting skills

The Goal

Increase shot speed, quickness and accuracy.

The Challenge

The challenge starts April 1, 2024, and will end on September 15, 2024. Players must shoot a total of 9,000 pucks over this time period. Shots must be documented on the WYH 9,000 Shot tracker sheet which is attached. Please note, we use paper tracker as WYH’s program is 9000 shots. 

Goalies may use their goalie stick and goalie gloves as much as practical for their age and ability, but not required. 

The Reward

Each participant, achieving 9,000 shots, will receive a 9,000 Shots Club t-shirt and will have their name displayed in the lobby of Marathon Park. 


Please email a copy of the completed tracking sheet to info@wausauhockey.com along with your skater’s t-shirt size.  

2024 Tracker

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