8U - Mites

The Mite program is a developmental program designed to teach kids the fundamental skills necessary to play the game of hockey, as well as the elementary concepts of the game itself. Skating & Skill development are major focus of the entire Mite program.

The Ultimate goal of for every player is that they have fun with their peers playing hockey, enjoy coming to the rink, and after completion of a session the player wants to come and is excited for the next practice/game.

Mite Hockey is all about development, wins and losses are irrelevant

There will be no permanent goaltenders in Mite hockey. All kids will have a chance to play goalie.

Mite Hockey Groups

Mite Hockey will be divided into two classifications



1 year of learn to skate is required before entering Mite Program

Majority of games are in house

   Travel Mites

Player has participated in Learn to Skate and likely Mite hockey before entering Travel Mite program

Travel in Central Wisconsin Mite League at the Red, White or Blue level.


The Mite directors and coaching staff will work to ensure each child ultimately participates in an appropriate level where they will be able to have fun and succeed. If your child is identified for a possible level change, you would receive a recommendation from a Mite director to discuss a level change. This includes from Mites to Travel Mites and within Travel Mite's Red, White & Blue level teams.

There is not a dedicated goalie at the mite level. All players will be given the opportunity to play goalie throughout the year, with rotation determined by the team coach.


What aged players are appropriate for this program?

Players who have completed at least one year of Learn-to-Play / Mini Mites and have a birthday from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2019


What time of the year does this program run?

The season begins in mid October and runs through mid to late February.


Where are practices typically held?

Practices are held at Marathon County Park. Mites practice on average 2 times a week for 50 minutes.


When are games?

Mites have games typically on Sunday afternoon. Mites play games against other local associations. Games are likely to take place at Everest, Mosinee and Stevens Point.

Mites will also participate in Jamborees. Jamborees are opportunities to play more games on a day. Once scheduled, additional information will be shared.

Mite - Ideology and Skill

Continuation of skill development started in Learn to skate

  • Balance on ice (eyes up/chest up skating), Skate in athletic/hockey position (eyes up/) knees bent
  • Finalizing proper way to hold stick, rudimentary stick & puck work

Second level skating

  • Introduce edge work, lateral movements, crossovers, skating backwards
  • Not using stick as a crutch
  • Skating with puck

Elementary stick/puck work

  • Proper Puck work
  • Basic concepts of shooting, passing, stickhandling

Majority of drills continue to be pod based

Introduction to competition

  • Setting the players up to be able to utilize skills developed in a more game like situation (small area games in practice as well as actual mite games)
  • The kids will be broken up into teams at times for in house games and social purposes, but practices will incorporate all mite participants as a collective group

The overall goal after a season of Mites/6U is the skater is self-sufficient on the ice and possesses the basic skills needed to be able to learn and play in a team-based environment 

Travel Mites - Ideology And Skill

Continuation of skill development started in Mites with the ultimate goal being a child transitions from skater to hockey player

Tempo of everything increases at Travel Mite Hockey

  • Player continues to develop & enhance skating skills

Skill development becomes the primary focus in Travel Mite hockey

  • The player ideally is at a point where mentally concentrating on skating becomes an afterthought as they can focus on building hockey related skill development

Pucks are incorporated for majority of drills

  • Introduction of puck manipulation skills (shooting, puck control, passing)

Introduction of Hockey sense development

  • Teaching of basic hockey related concepts through small area training

Weekly games as participant in Mite league

The overall goal after a child graduates Mite hockey is that a skater is now capable as hockey player 

  • They have continued to hone their skills and will be able to contribute individually to a squirt team compete in a more classic environment.
  • Hockey systems-based training should be reserved for squirt hockey


2024-2025 Mite Registration Opens on July 1, 2024.

Pricing and correlating dates are below:

July 1st - July 14th - $225

July 15th - July 31st - $250

August 1st - Season Start - $275

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